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Credit Customer Satisfaction
J.D. Power and Associates, an information services company, best known for conducting surveys of customer satisfaction, buyer behavior and product quality, has revealed the results of a recent credit cards satisfaction study. The purpose of the survey was to figure out what pleases and what irritates customers in credit cards they currently use. Over 7,600 customers participated in the poll.
The customer satisfaction was appraised by several criteria. Rates and fees, interaction, rewards programs, payment process, extra benefits and services. As the research showed, two credit companies ranked significantly higher than others. These lenders seem to know what buttons to push to please the customer.View full story Comments (0)
ExxonMobil Gasoline Credit Card
The situation with gas prices keeps getting worse. No wonder that nearly all car owners try to cut down gasoline expenses. Some just drive less. People, who cannot imagine their life and their spatial motion without a car, seek for other ways to save on gas. Gasoline credit cards are a great option for such people.
A new credit card from Citi, called ExxonMobil Platinum MasterCard is a very good chance for those, who drive a lot to cut down their expenses associated with gasoline and car maintenance. With this card every driver can save 15 cents from every gallon purchased at Exxon and Mobil gas stations. Learn more about this deal.View full story Comments (0)
More AmEx Credit Rewards
US residents, owning an American Express Gold Card now can get even more benefits from the card's rewards program at no additional cost. American Express has recently upgraded their Gold Card Destinations program. The company wants to offer more travel rewards to its customers. What would you say about a $75 credit on food and beverage just for booking an accommodation for 2 or more consecutive nights at one of the participating hotels?
Though autumn will soon change the vacation season and the travel fever will be over, AmEx decided to extend the summer pleasure for its clients. American Express knows how to please their customers, especially when it comes to travel rewards.View full story Comments (0)
Students Credit Debt Decrease
It is, probably, no secret to anyone that many students manage to collect significant credit card debts by the time of their graduation. No wonder. When you are 18, you do not really care for wise financial management and do not bother yourself to reflect for hours, days or even weeks which credit card is the most beneficial for you. Studies, friends, parties and love affairs are what occupies your thoughts.
And a careless attitude to credit card management is sure to result in credit card debt. However, the latest research carried out by Student Monitor is very promising. The study showed that the average credit card balance on student plastics went down by 19%, as compared to last year.View full story Comments (0)
Credit Travel Rewards
Airline credit card deals become extremely popular during summer. Summer is a vacation season, the perfect time for travelling. And what every vacationer going on a far distant journey has to have in his or her traveler's tool kit is a credit card with airmiles rewards.
Frequent flyer plastics are great for overseas trips. These offers grant you bonuses and perks associated with travelling. You just make purchases and get such rewards as free hotel stays, free airline tickets, discounts on travel services and so on. Going on a trip this summer? Learn about top airline credit cards popular this season!View full story Comments (0)
Fishing out Credit Info
Credit card fraud and interest rate are the two major downsides to using credit cards. But while paying off credit card balance with interest accrued is a burden that credit consumers carry of their own free will, falling a victim to fraudulent activities is something that every card owner wants to avoid.
Scammers invent more and more new sophisticated ways of predatory practices. Online credit card fraud is one of the most widespread and loss-making forms of credit crime. Phishing credit card scam is a popular type of online fraud. Learn about this kind of scam in order to protect your credit from damage.View full story Comments (0)
UK Credit Card Holders
Great Britain and America at first sight seem to be two absolutely different countries with different political systems, history, customs and traditions. But if you look closer, you will find a few things that these countries have in common. First of all, it is the English language, of course. Though the UK and the American versions differ a lot, it is still the same language.
The USA and the UK are both developed countries with high standards of living, high level of scientific and technical progress and diversified, healthy economies. What else the countries share - is the leading positions in the world credit industry. But are Britons' credit card habits are similar to the US credit consumers' ones?View full story Comments (0)
Credit Card Market Crisis
The spring is in full swing. Trees are green, flowers blossom, preparing to welcome the forthcoming summer. Everything grows. The country's economics is, apparently, getting ready for the summer too. The prices are rising, the unemployment rate went up to 5.1% this March, credit card delinquencies are increasing. Everything grows.
Now that the U.S. economy is experiencing a slowdown, credit card companies and banks are going through hard times. The number of credit card delinquencies has hit the ceiling. And creditors really do incur losses. In order to make up for the losses, credit card companies toughen credit card terms, rise interests and fees, become more deliberate in the choice of clients.View full story Comments (1)
Credit Insurance Types
Our life is totally unpredictable. You never know what is going to happen tomorrow. So, in order to secure our future to some extent we insure what we value the most. We insure our life, our health, house, cars. Credit insurance as compared to your life and health do not seem to be worth caring for. However, taking into account that most of large purchases you make, involve some type of loan or credit, you can see that credit insurance is a must-have for you. No one can be protected from accidents, job loss, theft, and other bad incidents. Besides, buying a house or a car in about 90% cases involves buying a compulsory insurance.View full story Comments (0)
Credit Cards and Health
As the proverb goes, good health is above wealth. But these days staying healthy is nearly impossible without considerable expenses on medical bills. Health is really expensive today. And medical treatment in this country does not grow cheaper year after year. According to the statistics, as compared to the previous year, now Americans spend about $ 1,500 more on medical services.
The thing is, insurance companies shift more and more healthcare expenses on patients. And alongside with all the rest credit card bills, some people just cannot afford going to a doctor. So, what can be the way out? Medical credit cards - that is the solution.View full story Comments (2)
The Latest Question of Immediate Credit Card Care Service

Do The Checks Associated with the credit card count as cash advance or plain purchases?


Generally credit card checks are treated as cash advances. These checks are advertised as an easy way to pay off your bills or to get some extra money. It's really convenient, but it can be really costly. So, be aware of the fees associated with credit card checks.

News And Articles About Credit Card
Frozen Credit Report
Credit Fraud

Identity theft cases have become as common as dirt. The crisis US economy in at the moment triggers the rise of credit crime rate. Crooks do not even have to invent new more sophisticated ways to steal credit cards or identities themselves. Credit consumers struck by credit market crunch do not think much about protection against thieves now.

But now taking security measures against credit fraud is more important than ever. Say you discovered that you fell victim to identity theft. Do you have an instant action plan? Do you know what to do in order to minimize the grave consequences the fraud can bring about? Credit report freeze is the answer.

View full story Comments (0)
Credit Line Increase
Credit Line

Too much is never enough. Especially when it comes to money. Your income is the cap on the amount of money you can spend. But if you have credit cards, your buying power increases and your spending limits do not bother and restrain you that much. However, nearly every credit card holder would not refuse to have a bigger credit limit.

Even if you carry a no limit plastic, you still have a cap on credit card spendings. Your highest balance is usually considered to be your limit. But can you increase your credit limit? And how will it affect your credit score?

View full story Comments (1)
Gold Status Credit Cards
Status Credit Cards

Credit consumers, who want to highlight their financial standing, can find credit products that will fit their interests. There are the so-called status-credit cards on the market. Customers can choose silver, gold, platinum or black credit cards. All of them give certain privileges and that very status to their owners.

What is interesting, you do not even need to have excellent or good credit and really high income to get one of the status credit cards. They are available to bad credit owners as well. Let's take a closer look at Gold credit cards. Learn more about features, options and services that Gold credit cards offer.

View full story Comments (0)
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