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Credit Cards for Youngsters Entrusting your child with a credit card to manage on his or her own is a risky thing to do. Especially if your kid has not even graduated high school yet. Despite the fact that most US teens get their first job at 13-14 and know the value of money, managing a credit card account involves much more.
Giving financial education to a child is just a must-do for every parent. But explaining evasive credit card lingo and giving your own example of credit card use, particularly if your credit history is not flawless, is not always effective. Letting your kid deal with a real plastic under your guidance? That is a smart choice.View full story Comments (0)...
Skip-a-Payment Service As the competition on the credit card market is keen, credit card companies, fighting for customers, develop new strategies of attracting new clients and keeping loyal regular ones. Card issuers design new enticing credit card offers and introduce new services. Some of them seem to be very beneficial at a first glance. But before signing up for one of them you are to find out as much as possible about it.
Have you ever heard of a "skip-a-payment" service? Let us take a closer look at this service and figure out whether it is worth signing up for or not.View full story Comments (1)...
Creditors vs. Borrowers When you are out on the shopping spree, you are free to buy anything you like. The only limiter you have is the amount of money available. When it comes to choosing the right credit card for you your major limiting factor is your credit score. And now your credit rating becomes more important than ever.
Credit card issuers tighten credit card requirements. The mortgage crisis that broke out last year left credit card companies and banks in great money losses. Nearly all financial institutions had to face credit delinquencies. And now, in order to secure themselves against more possible losses, banks and companies are very particular about their clients and their creditworthiness.View full story Comments (1)...
Asian Green Credit Cards Environmental problems grow more and more acute. And the health of our planet causes not just ecologists' concern, many people all over the world try to make a contribution to saving the Earth. Some make donations, some join the Greenpeace movement, others choose green credit cards, designed especially for those who care.
Green credit cards help to fund environmental projects dedicated to reduce carbon emissions, and other nature preservation-oriented projects. Green offers became extremely popular with U.S. credit consumers. Last year they yielded only to Capital One's Card Lab on '07 credit card bestsellers charts. Soon Asian credit card holders will also get a chance to contribute to saving environment.View full story Comments (0)...
The Latest Question of Immediate Credit Card Care Service

Do The Checks Associated with the credit card count as cash advance or plain purchases?


Generally credit card checks are treated as cash advances. These checks are advertised as an easy way to pay off your bills or to get some extra money. It's really convenient, but it can be really costly. So, be aware of the fees associated with credit card checks.

News And Articles About Credit Card
Frozen Credit Report
Credit Fraud

Identity theft cases have become as common as dirt. The crisis US economy in at the moment triggers the rise of credit crime rate. Crooks do not even have to invent new more sophisticated ways to steal credit cards or identities themselves. Credit consumers struck by credit market crunch do not think much about protection against thieves now.

But now taking security measures against credit fraud is more important than ever. Say you discovered that you fell victim to identity theft. Do you have an instant action plan? Do you know what to do in order to minimize the grave consequences the fraud can bring about? Credit report freeze is the answer.

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Credit Line Increase
Credit Line

Too much is never enough. Especially when it comes to money. Your income is the cap on the amount of money you can spend. But if you have credit cards, your buying power increases and your spending limits do not bother and restrain you that much. However, nearly every credit card holder would not refuse to have a bigger credit limit.

Even if you carry a no limit plastic, you still have a cap on credit card spendings. Your highest balance is usually considered to be your limit. But can you increase your credit limit? And how will it affect your credit score?

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Gold Status Credit Cards
Status Credit Cards

Credit consumers, who want to highlight their financial standing, can find credit products that will fit their interests. There are the so-called status-credit cards on the market. Customers can choose silver, gold, platinum or black credit cards. All of them give certain privileges and that very status to their owners.

What is interesting, you do not even need to have excellent or good credit and really high income to get one of the status credit cards. They are available to bad credit owners as well. Let's take a closer look at Gold credit cards. Learn more about features, options and services that Gold credit cards offer.

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