Articles about Credit Cards

Law Does Not Prohibit the Use of Social Media Sites by The Credit Card Companies
[March 28th, 2012]

With the pre-dominant use of the social media websites by the credit card lenders in order to promote & flourish their business there are few eye brows that are found to rise recently. Some of the consumer advocates are criticizing this policy of trade & feel there is a potential deficiency in the system of […]

Credit Cards Are Not Free Money
[January 16th, 2012]

For most people, credit cards are an integral part of their lives. Really, it’s very convenient to have one credit card or two in your wallet instead of carrying a lot of cold hard cash, isn’t it? You come across a thing you want to buy impulsively, you take out your credit card and the […]

The Travel Rewards Cards Worth The Most
[October 20th, 2011]

Travel rewards cards are everywhere these days; the market is literally infiltrated by an infestation of them. Not that it’s necessarily a bad thing, ask travel-prone consumers anywhere. The website NextAdvisor issued a report in which it investigated which travel cards programs are honestly worth your time, as well as money. Their findings may come […]

Do “perfect” credit cards exist?
[September 16th, 2011]

A perfect credit card is almost a myth, since features that work for some may not work for others. While there are pros and cons in all credit cards, it may be possible by comparison to pick out the card that works best for every individual. Since there are many credit cards available today, it […]

Keep personal expenses on credit cards away from the business expenditure
[August 11th, 2011]

Running a small enterprise may seem to be an interesting prospect, but there are a number of challenges that come with the territory. There are innumerable things that make a business a success, with the main one being the finances. Keeping track of all the business related expenditure can be a tough task, but it […]

Cards that make a difference when you travel overseas
[July 26th, 2011]

If you are planning a trip overseas this summer, here are a few points that you need to be careful about especially if you are carrying your credit card with you. These long trips can cost you quite a lot of money if you don’t plan your finances wisely and take precautions while using your […]

Travel rewards cards – some rules are not in the fine print, so watch out
[July 13th, 2011]

Although a number of card companies have been offering a lot of perks and rewards on travel rewards cards, it is important to watch out while you are shopping for your card. The first rule is not to get lured into some of the teaser bonuses that are offered by these cards. You must ensure […]

The impact of choosing the right business credit cards
[June 29th, 2011]

If employees are increasingly complaining about their reimbursements not being made on time or if book keeping is taking up a lot of man hours, then it might be the right time to choose the business credit card. One of the key advices that the Better Business Bureau is giving business owners is to sign […]

Working your way to lower rates on credit cards
[June 16th, 2011]

With the cost of living sky rocketing, the recovering economy has very less to offer to those struggling with high interest rates. The best way to find reprieve from shelling out high interest rates in to negotiate for a lower rate from your credit card company. Credit card companies most often consider requests for revision […]

Small business credit cards do not enjoy credit card protections
[June 3rd, 2011]

A couple of years ago the credit card lenders came under the scanner for charging sky high interest rates and late payment fees from customers. This prompted the legislatures to take action to curb the growing interest rates and save customers from the potential hazards of credit cards. This is when the CARD Act was […]