Do “perfect” credit cards exist?

[Friday, September 16th, 2011]

A perfect credit card is almost a myth, since features that work for some may not work for others. While there are pros and cons in all credit cards, it may be possible by comparison to pick out the card that works best for every individual. Since there are many credit cards available today, it is a good idea to start off with a comparison first. Internet is the best way to look for credit cards and compare them in various aspects. There are many websites that can give basic details about credit cards and which ones are better depending on the spending pattern.

First thing to compare is the interest rates, since interest rates can pile up high if the bills are not paid on time. Low interest credit cards tend to have limited offers, or no reward schemes, or may charge a monthly fee in return. Finding a free card that has low interest rates may take some time, but the user must trade off some other feature that is not required. Next thing to compare is the reward scheme, since reward schemes can be beneficial in many ways. For frequent shoppers, reward schemes are particularly important since they can save huge amounts of money through discounts. Credit cards with great reward schemes that promise benefits may charge monthly fees. Only if the reward schemes are great, and will pay back the money spent on monthly fees, it is advisable to buy the card.

Credit cards should also be compared in terms of what they are used for. This helps in classifying the reward scheme and choosing the one that makes most sense. If the credit cards are used for general purpose spending like grocery stores or departmental stores, then point scheme would be a good reward system. If it is used for purely business purchases, then choosing a business credit card which offers discounts on office purchases, and has cash back reward schemes is a good idea. Categorizing the purchases will help in choosing the best credit card suitable for the spending pattern of the individual. Credit cards are an asset if the money is spent with careful planning. It is readily available for emergency spending, and it gives plenty of time to repay the money used.  Another area of comparison can be the repayment time without the penalty, when choosing the best credit card that works for individual needs.

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