The eight people you shouldn’t trust with your credit card

[Tuesday, April 12th, 2011]

We often hand over our credit cards and numbers at places without even thinking twice.  The main issue here is that sometimes, we are actually better off when we hold back and be more discreet. There are some companies and individuals who have to be kept off limits. If you wish to safeguard the credit card, don’t give these people unlimited access to the account.

  • Children – never give children the password or you will regret it when the bill arrives. Be it the PC, iPad, or smart phone, there is every chance that your child has become quite a pro. Giving a child access to these gadgets can prove to be real costly.
  • Telecallers who are investigating a scam on your credit card: These people sound very professional and serious. He claims to be either with the police department or he is from the card company and states that your card account has been compromised. In order to confirm your identity, he will ask for your card number. Not one responsible agency works this way – this person is clearly a thief. People easily fall for these scams as the caller in general will know a few facts about the person he is calling. If you are in doubt, then just hang up on the person and call the number that is at the back of the card for confirmation.
  • The near and dear ones: We generally have immense trust in our best buddies and assume that they can never do any wrong to us. According to the 2010 Identity Fraud Survey Report, around 13% of all the fraud and theft is committed by the closest friend or neighbor. Exposing your card or card statements could prove to be a potential risk and would be asking for trouble.
  • The domestic help: Never let the hired help or a nanny get hold of the card under any circumstance.  You would be giving away too much.
  • Virus protection: You will notice that your system has a virus and needs immediate attention. Beware, as this is a ploy to make you download software.
  • Careful with the waiter: Especially the waiter who does the disappearing act with the card.  They could use skimming techniques.
  • Beware of the debt collector: Never trust the helpful debt collector.  Never enter into a payment settlement using your card.
  • YOU: If you cannot trust yourself with the card to stay out of debt then just destroy it.

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