News about Credit Cards

Gas rewards credit card to limit the impact of increasing prices
[May 8th, 2012]

The increasing prices of gasoline have had a significant impact on all people across the country. Whether it is a civilian or a businessman, the impact of inflation has taken everyone by surprise. For the ones who travel extensively by car, the effect of the price rise has been severe. The gasoline credit cards are […]

Many Consumers Caught In Messy Web Of Internet Scam Sites
[March 7th, 2012]

A recently-uncovered scam involving fraudulent health and self-help websites indicates that such crooks bank on the fact that the vast majority of consumers don’t go over their credit card bills carefully enough – or at all. These deceitful sties make money by issuing recurring monthly charges to the credit card accounts of victims and then […]

Cyber Monday
[January 12th, 2012]

As the Federal Reserve announced a 16 year low in credit card delinquencies’ this year, it’s clear that consumers are more concerned about their budgeting habits. But that seems to go all out the window when it comes to holiday shopping, according to a recent combination of studies. Consumers’ number one fear this holiday season […]

Discover Ends Disposable Credit Card Number Program
[November 16th, 2011]

As of Sept. 8, Discover will be ending its “Secure Online Account Numbers” service, according to an e-mail sent out to customers last night. This feature was helpful for customers who feared identity theft and online fraud. The service allowed customers to generate unique credit card numbers that could be used specifically for online retailers […]

Capital one becomes stronger on the ‘business’ front
[September 30th, 2011]

Capital One has been making waves in recent times and has been grabbing the limelight over the last few months. After the mid-June purchase of ING Direct, the bank acquired the United States credit card division of HSBC a week ago. Now, the bank is busy making plans to expand its presence in the business […]

Fraud protection programs differ across credit card lenders
[August 18th, 2011]

One of the recent studies conducted by Javelin Strategy and Research reveals that the level of protection on your credit cards depends on the lenders from whom you have obtained the card. this study, conducted in June this year, has found out that most of the credit card lenders have protection programs that come into […]

Credit card rewards that can take you by surprise
[August 5th, 2011]

If you thought that the credit card rewards being offered by the lenders today are being generous, here are a few that can leave you spellbound literally! With the competition in the credit card sector heating up with each passing day the companies are going all out to offer various perks and rewards. The rewards […]

Merchants decline credit card payments due to high fees
[July 20th, 2011]

There are some merchants who have declined accepting credit card payments because of high fees while processing transactions, as per reports from The Los Angeles Times. Small business owners have chosen to just stop accepting cards altogether in order to avoid pushing the high fees onto their customers. According to reports in the LA Times, […]

Steady decline in credit card write offs now
[July 6th, 2011]

There has been a steady decline in credit card write-offs now and this has brought in some cheer for card issuers. Issuers have seen a drop in levels to 6.96% during the first quarter of this year when compared to 10.97% during its peak in the second quarter of last year, as per data from […]

Unexpected results from the CARD Act
[June 21st, 2011]

The Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act that came into effect a little more than a year ago has been a subject of debate right from the time of implementation. While consumers had mixed opinions about this Act, banks and financial institutions did not favor this act much. Financial experts predicted that this act […]