Credit card rewards that can take you by surprise

[Friday, August 5th, 2011]

If you thought that the credit card rewards being offered by the lenders today are being generous, here are a few that can leave you spellbound literally! With the competition in the credit card sector heating up with each passing day the companies are going all out to offer various perks and rewards. The rewards now are not just limited to air miles, free stays and discounts. They have now transcended boundaries and are bordering on ridiculous.

The Thank You Rewards Points program by CitiGroup Inc offers special rewards, exclusively for pets. Accumulate 2200 points on the card and redeem it for a poop-bag dispenser made of plastic which can be attached to the collar of your dog. If you have 2600 points on the card, you can redeem it for biodegradable doodoo bags that prevent damage to the environment. For 10,600 points you can avail a fleece dog jacket which has been recycled.

Outdoor activity lovers are bound to sign up for the Chase Ultimate Rewards cards that offer bungee jumping, scuba diving, paragliding and hot air balloon rides are rewards. Indoor sky diving and military flights simulator rides are also up for grabs in return for points.

American Express offers its card holders exotic travel offers as rewards for points. Trips to the Black Sea and Mediterranean are on the cards. Trips to Ft Lauderdale with stops at Seville, Madeira, Valetta, Odessa, Istanbul, Athens, Barcelona, Venice and Lisbon are also good rewards to choose from. Spa treatments, gambling and Vegas style shows are other attractive rewards customers fall for.

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