Gas rewards credit card to limit the impact of increasing prices

[Tuesday, May 8th, 2012]

The increasing prices of gasoline have had a significant impact on all people across the country. Whether it is a civilian or a businessman, the impact of inflation has taken everyone by surprise. For the ones who travel extensively by car, the effect of the price rise has been severe. The gasoline credit cards are the apt tools to provide relief from their travel woes.

As common men, we have no control over the consistent increase in the prices of gasoline. But something that is definitely within our control is minimizing its impact on our daily routine. One of the best ways to curb the impact of the increasing gasoline prices is to sign up for gas rewards credit cards that are being offered by various banks, keeping in mind the increasing demand for them. These cards are now offered by all leading credit card lenders across the country since they also find it to be the right opportunity to regain their share of customers. Despite the innumerable cards available, there are a few that stand out and make a difference.

The credit card that tops the list of cards under this category is the Pentagon Federal Credit Union Platinum Cash Rewards credit card. In addition to being flexible, the card also offers a lot of benefits. The biggest perk is that customers get cash back of up to 5 percent on every purchase they make at the gas station. In addition to this, they also get to enjoy 1 percent cash back on every other purchase made using the card. Customers need not pay any annual fee for the card, but they will have to pay $15 to join the Pen Fed Credit Union in order to apply for the credit card.

The Blue Cash Everyday Card from American Express is another credit card that finds a place on this list. Customers using this card at gas stations can get up to 2 percent cash back. They can also enjoy 3 percent cash back when they use this card for grocery shopping, 2 percent cash back when used in departmental stores and 1 percent cash back when used for making other purchases. This credit card also does not carry annual fee.

Greg McBride, a leading financial analyst, said that the key to ensure the gas rewards credit cards work in your favor is by ensuring you pay your balances in full each month. This is because these cards have interest rates in the range of 12 to 18 percent which can be pretty high for a few.

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