News about Credit Cards

The first quarter sees a drop in credit card delinquency
[June 8th, 2011]

Credit card delinquencies saw a further dip in the first quarter this year heralding good news to many credit card lenders. As per the latest reports from one of the three credit bureaus in the country TransUnion, only 0.74% of the credit card accounts were found to be delinquent by over 90 days during the […]

Increase in credit card debts observed in the month of March
[May 27th, 2011]

According to reports from the Federal Reserve, outstanding balances on credit card accounts increased in the month of March. This is a clear indicator that customers are finally trying to overcome their fear of plastic which got instilled in their minds and hearts during the onset of recession. The most recent report from the Federal […]

AmEx launches new credit card with 6% on groceries
[May 11th, 2011]

There has been an increase in the price of agricultural products of about 35% according to reports and this has not translated into inflation for Americans on a large scale. However, it is still a fact that most groceries have become rather costly with eating healthy turning out to be a rather expensive choice to […]

Ways in which card holders are attracted by card companies
[April 26th, 2011]

A lot of things have changed for credit card companies with new credit card rules in place. Retroactive interests, outrageous charges and fees, billing over double cycles and various other card evils have all been eliminated much to the benefit of the user. There are also limitations on how credit card companies can lure consumers. […]

Apps let you use the smart phone like a credit card terminal
[April 15th, 2011]

There are a couple of new products that are changing the whole dynamics of how the payment industry works. Now with new apps anyone with a smart phone can accept credit card payments. In fact with new devices like PayAnywhere and Square, a lot of tinkering isn’t required. Now, one can easily collect payments for […]

Are customers led to spend more with rewards credit cards?
[April 6th, 2011]

Rewards credit cards for a very valid reason are amongst the most popular credit cards. In fact, rewards such as 1% cash back could lead to a substantial saving over a period of 1 year or more. However, according to some recent analysis, customers don’t always gain by enrolling for rewards credit card programs. This […]

Attacks mount as merchants protest against rising card fees
[March 29th, 2011]

It seems like a war has broken out at the cash register between merchants and credit card companies.  With the support of the Competition Bureau, merchants are up in arms against Visa Canada Corp and MasterCard International Inc., as they are steeped in battle over the rising card fees that merchants are charged. Merchants want […]

Credit card delinquency rates have fallen at major US lenders
[March 25th, 2011]

The credit card delinquencies have fallen at all major lenders during November since fewer consumers have fallen behind on bill payments.  This signals that there is a recovery from the financial crisis that had crippled the economy.  However, consumers also seem to be avoiding racking up debts on their cards even during the shopping done […]

Credit card restrictions might not be favourable for women
[March 20th, 2011]

A furore has been created due to some of the proposed regulations that will come into effect under the Credit Card Act. The Federal Reserve has been requested through a statement from Carolyn Maloney, chief author of the Credit Card Act, to revise some of the provisions of the act. As per the proposed regulation, […]

New lows for charge-off rates for all lenders
[March 16th, 2011]

According to a recent report, there was something common in the top 6 credit card lenders in the country. As per the report all the 6 card lenders including Bank of America, Chase, Discover, Citibank, Capital One and American Express witnessed that the rate at which delinquent credit card debts of customers had to be […]