Ways in which card holders are attracted by card companies

[Tuesday, April 26th, 2011]

A lot of things have changed for credit card companies with new credit card rules in place. Retroactive interests, outrageous charges and fees, billing over double cycles and various other card evils have all been eliminated much to the benefit of the user. There are also limitations on how credit card companies can lure consumers. Card issuers are trying to be more creative now in order to lure customers. Here are some of the ways card holders are being attracted.

Zero interest rates were supposed to disappear after the credit card reforms. But low rate and 0% cards are now back in a great way. However, there is a catch to this offer. Only those customers who have an excellent credit history can avail this 0% interest offer or are approved for such cards. In fact, these allow customers to pay off debt on their credit cards by avoiding interest for a period of time which could be as long as 18 months.

Sometimes cash is a better perk than most others, and credit card issuers understand this. Therefore, cash perks are offered by some of the credit cards in the form of cash back bonuses for new credit card accounts. In fact, there are credit cards that offer as much as 150 dollars cash back if customers spend 500 dollars in the first 3 months of opening the credit card account. There are other cards offering 50 dollars cash back if 100 dollars are spent in the first 2 months.

There are a few cards that offer very good rewards for customers who love to travel. These cards allow consumers to collect airline miles, and if you are someone who uses credit cards a lot, you can save a lot of miles. These miles could come in handy for that dream vacation. In fact, there are credit cards that can provide bonus miles for an entire ticket if customers spend about 3000 dollars in the first 3 months. However, what customers should be careful about is that such perks are given on cards which charge an annual fee. This annual fee could range anywhere between 50 – 500 dollars. There are some cards which offer the best of both worlds and that is what customers should try and look for. Card customers are also lured through discounts at departmental stores or gas stations.

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