i would like to apply a credit card!

[Sunday, April 10th, 2011]

When it comes to credit card approval your credit history is one of the key factors to be considered by credit card issuers. So, to shop for any credit card it would be better for you to find out what your credit is. Credit-Cards-Guru.com is a good place to visit if you are looking for credit cards from reliable banks and credit card companies to apply online for. Browse through the credit cards issued for customers with that particular credit, compare their features and benefits, decide on a credit card and apply online. Rest assured that all the card information we provide is accurate and up to date and online card applications are secure, quick and easy.

I’ve lost my credit card, how can I get another one?
[March 1st, 2012]

If you’ve lost your credit card, you should inform your credit card issuer about it right away, do not wait a minute. Ask your credit issuer for a replacement card. Also, contact the three major consumer credit bureaus – Equifax, Experian and TransUnion – and report the loss. For a few months after the loss […]

Is there a credit card with 0 interest balance transfer and no annual fee?
[February 2nd, 2012]

Yes, there are. On our website you can find very attractive 0 balance transfer credit cards with no annual fee. You can browse through all the credit cards available and decide on the credit card that is right for you. Kindly note that we update credit cards regularly, so, be sure to find the freshest […]

How long will a bankruptcy stay on my credit report?
[January 4th, 2012]

Bankruptcy stays on your credit report for up to ten years from the date of filing.  To be more precise, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy may stay for 10 years; a Chapter 13 may also stay for 10 years or it may be removed after 7 years.